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Russia is the biggest nation and one of the most powerful countries. Russia is widely known for the cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg and its leader Vladimir Putin. Some of the most talented and renowned writers are from Russia. One-tenth of the area on Earth is occupied by Russia. Russia boasts some of the greatest universities in the world, and many students choose to study MBBS there.

The following is a list of medical schools in Russia:

Moscow State Medical University
Bashkir State Medical University
Volgograd State Medical University
Crimea State Medical University
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Belgorod State University
Saint Petersburg State Medical University
Kazan State Medical University
Orenburg State Medical University
Altai State Medical University
Kursk State Medical

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia:

Affordable Fee

The MBBS programmes are subsidised about 70% by the Russian government. The usual fees for studying MBBS in Russia will be quite average when compared to western countries, even though they may vary according on the college the students choose. Also, they do not welcome donations. Many Indian students choose to pursue MBBS degrees in Russia as the fee is reasonable.

Recognized universities

Most of the medical universities in Russia are among the top 100 medical schools in the world. Most of them are accredited by WHO and the Medical Councils of top nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, India, Canada, etc. If they are offered places in reputable colleges, students pursuing their MBBS in Russia need not be concerned about the caliber of the curriculum.

FMGE Pass Percentage

Students who earned their degrees from MBBS programmes in Russia score admirably in the FMGE tests held in India. In comparison to other European nations, graduates from Russia have a high FMGE pass rate.

Good infrastructure

Every campus in Russia has world class infrastructure with latest medical technology and equipment. Studying MBBS in Russia will be quite beneficial for international students and medical degrees from Russia are accepted all around the globe.

Easy admission process

Russia has made admissions for international students much simpler than in other parts of Europe and the United States. SAT or IELTS scores are not required for admission to Russian universities. To study in Russia, the student must have good results in secondary school exams. In addition to the yearly cost, private institutes in India charge donations or capitation fees. However, in Russia, most of the medical schools do not charge a donation or capitation fee.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Russia:


Most of the medical schools in Russia provide the MBBS programme in Russian. Therefore, it is generally advised for students to choose their medical school wisely and to do extensive study before enrolling. Apply only to the medical institutes that offer bilingual or English-language courses. Else, the students will need to learn Russian.


Russia is typically very cold. The climate in Russia and India are different because of their lengthy winters. Students can anticipate frequent snowfalls. It experiences temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius for three to five months. It will be difficult for students who cannot get accustomed to this weather condition.

Course duration

The duration of the course will be only 6 years if the students discover a college offering a complete English programme where they can study MBBS in Russia. Otherwise, learning Russian is a prerequisite before moving on to the main course. Therefore, the course would last 6.8 years.

MBBS in Russia