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Japan is an enthralling nation with a strong economy, a thriving corporate environment, rich culture, and technology. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is home to the largest metropolitan region in the whole world. Japan is one of the most developed nations in the world. One of the leading countries that offer top medical education. One can experience a new culture that is wholly unique from the rest of the world by studying in Japan.

The following is a list of medical schools in Japan:

Kyoto University
Keio University
Osaka University
Tohoku University
Kyushu University
Tokyo Medical & Dental University (TMDU)
Nagoya University
Hokkaido University
Okayama University
Chiba University
Hiroshima University
University of Tokyo

Advantages of studying MBBS in Japan:

High-Quality Education

Japan is the best choice for an MBBS programme as it is well known for having the best education system. It has strong educational standards in the field of science, which expands prospects after finishing an MBBS degree. Given the quality of Japanese medical schools, they have a solid job market for highly skilled doctors.

Safe Nation

Japan is one of the world's safest countries. It has an extremely low overall crime rate. Tokyo and Osaka are ranked first and third, respectively, in terms of safety by the Economist Intelligence Unit. For its students, the nation offers a convenient, secure, and safe environment.

Affordable Fee

When compared to other European nations, the tuition is affordable. Reasonable price for food and lodging. Scholarships are offered to aid students financially.

English medium

Many Japanese universities do offer their medicine courses in English. However, it is wise to do some research before choosing a particular college that provides education in English medium.

Engage with a diverse group of people

Japan is one of the countries where many people from around the globe come to pursue education. This makes it a multicultural hub. It gives the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people. Japan has a good amount of Indian population which makes it comfortable for Indian students to pursue their education in Japan

Good Infrastructure

Japan has excellent medical and educational facilities. Most universities and hospitals have good funding and are well-maintained. They have the latest equipment and instruments. This helps the students in receiving a high-quality education.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Japan:

Cost of living

The cost of living in Japan is considered to be among the highest in the world. Even if there are many benefits to studying in Tokyo, students will still find it difficult to manage the regular expenses in an expensive city.


Vegetarians will have a hard time finding the right cuisines that do not have meat in them. Students have to adjust and will definitely have it tough!

Language Barrier

It might be difficult to get by if you don't speak Japanese. It will hinder you from carrying out your daily life outside the campus. One has to learn the language if you are planning to study in Japan.

MBBS in Japan