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One of the well-known countries in Europe is Germany. It is regarded as a first-world nation. It boasts a robust economy, and a rich cultural heritage, Is the birthplace of classical music and philosophy and is renowned for the beauty of its landscapes. The country is acclaimed for its great education system, strong economy, and good infrastructure.

The following is a list of medical schools in Germany:

University of Heidelberg
Goethe University Frankfurt
University of Munich.
Free University of Berlin
University of Hamburg
Humboldt University of Berlin
Technical University of Munich
Hannover Medical School
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Advantages of studying MBBS in Germany:

Affordable Fee

For a various reasons, studying medicine in Germany is a great idea. One of those is the affordable cost of medical school in Germany. Studying medicine in Germany is far less expensive than doing it in the US, Australia, Canada, or the UK.

High quality education

The best universities in Europe to study medicine, according to U.S. News & World Report, are located in Germany. Twelve out of the top fifty medical schools in Europe are located in Germany. Students will obtain hands on experience much faster than in the US which is one of the best aspects about studying medicine in Germany.


An internship programme will be offered to German MBBS students after completion. The students receive between 40,000 and 50,000 euros for this internship.

Recognized universities

The MCI has accredited nearly every university in Germany. Numerous colleges have received UNESCO and WHO recognition. After passing the FMGE, students enrolled in MCI-accredited MBBS programs in Germany may practise medicine there.


The most updated curriculum will always be taught to MBBS students in Germany. Lessons is more heavily focused on application than theory. As a result, MBBS students in Germany will learn more practical information than theoretical information.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Germany:

Cost of living

In comparison to other popular destinations to study MBBS abroad, Germany has the highest cost of living for students. In Europe, a respectable standard of living costs on average 850 euros, or more than 70,000 Indian rupees. This means that any middle-class family student who wants to study MBBS may find it difficult to afford the expense of living in Germany.

Language barrier

Students cannot get by just with English. Students need to enroll in a German course if one intends to study medicine (MBBS) in Germany. Every university offers free German course.


The enormous expense of living in Germany has shown us that student amenities at institutions will not be free either. A student studying MBBS in Germany must pay a fee in order to use all the amenities. The financial load on students is increased as a result. Students will be charged a membership fee for services including the community centre, library, and gym. Therefore, in order to use these facilities, MBBS students studying in Germany will need to pay an additional fee.

MBBS in Germany