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Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama make up Central America’s seven nations. Every medical student’s aim is to obtain an MBBS degree from one of Central America’s best colleges or universities. The greatest option for MBBS students in central America’s major universities is an MBBS degree.

The weather In Central America is typically muggy and rainy due to the region’s tropical climate. The majority of Central America shares southern India’s climate. The temperature is frequently cooler in mountainous or hilly places than it is at lower altitudes. According to research, the coldest environment begins at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the hottest places are around 80 degrees.

Top Universities:

Bicol Christian Medical College
American University School of Medicine Aruba
All American Institute of Medical Sciences (Jamaica)
Columbus Central University (Belize)

Advantages of studying MBBS in Central America:

Affordable fee

MBBS is quite affordable in Central America. The education quality of these institutions is also excellent considering the tution fee.

Recognized universities

Top medical commissions around the world, including the World Medical Association, one of the top commissions for medicine in Central America, recognize most of the MBBS universities in that region.

Good teaching

Since there are not many students studying MBBS in Central America, the lecturers can devote more time to each student and provide them with the best guidance possible. The MBBS programme consists of four years of medical school and one year of training or an internship to successfully complete the programme.

Easy application process

It’s simple to enrol in an MBBS programme in Central America. The difficulty of obtaining admission is significantly lessened by the low cost and simple admissions procedure.

English medium

The biggest advantage of MBBS studies is in Central America, where English is the national language and 95% of the population speaks it, thus there is no need to learn foreign languages. As a result, if you are fluent in English, you do not need to learn the language of other nations.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Central America:

Experienced teaching

Since Central America is a developing region, the majority of the colleges will lack infrastructure and be underdeveloped. You could only get a decent education from a very small number of colleges with more than ten years of experience teaching MBBS students. Most of the students struggle with their English fluency. Therefore, a thorough study of the college and its facilities is crucial.


The nation has its own medical education program. As a result, many students who have finished their education in Central America struggle to pass the FMGE exam. As a result, after earning their MBBS, students must work hard to prepare for their eligibility exam.

Cheating agents

Due to the huge commission rates offered by these colleges, the majority of the agents will attempt to get you to enrol by hiding the genuine nature of the institutions. These agents will have connections to these universities, and some of them may even operate on a target-based system. Therefore, please exercise extreme caution if any agent tries to persuade you to enrol in any MBBS college in Central America.

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