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One of India’s close neighbors is Bangladesh. In terms of both culture and economy, Bangladesh and India have deep historical ties. Bangladesh and India are closely connected militarily and economically. The largest river delta in the entire world is located there. The nation is renowned for its rich culture and ancient archaeology. Most MBBS students from Nepal, India, and Pakistan choose to study in Bangladesh.

The following is a list of medical schools in Bangladesh:

Dhaka National Medical College
Bangladesh Medical College
Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College
Ibrahim Medical College
University of Chittagong
Mainamoti Medical College
Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vituku Medical College
University of Rajshahi
Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College

Advantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

Affordable Fee

MBBS in Bangladesh is considered as an affordable option and pocket friendly when compared to other destinations which offer MBBS education to Indian students. Due to its geographical location and the tuition fee structure, many Indian students prefer studying here.

Culture and food

India and Bangladesh are not only neighboring countries but the country was once a part of India. They share similar culture and taste in food. Indian students will never have the need to go in search of Indian food.


Due to the nation’s close proximity to India, Bangladesh also experiences similar weather conditions. Students will have it easy to adjust to the weather changes.

Recognized universities

The medical schools and universities in Bangladesh have received accreditation from international medical organizations. The MCI, WHO, UNESCO, and many other organizations have authorized and recognized most of the colleges.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh:

Poor Accommodation

The hostel rooms in Bangladesh do not have air conditioners. The students need to make a request to the officials to have the air conditioning system installed.

Greedy agents

Indian educational consultancies that serve as a bridge between students and colleges refuse to discuss the drawbacks of the universities they are attempting to promote. This leads the students to make a wrong choice by wishing to study MBBS in Bangladesh.


The country is densely populated and crowded. It is rather busy and might hinder the activities of the students.

MBBS in Bangladesh