philippines for mbbs

philippines for mbbs

MBBS College Admission

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Studying MBBS in the Philippines might seem like a herculean task, but we make it a cakewalk for the students who yearn to pursue their career successfully in higher education.

SmartMed Education Academy provides you with prevailing opportunities, guidance, concessions, etc. We aid people in making their choices right and attaining all the basic requirements for an individual to study abroad.

In short, dreaming big is your responsibility; making them a reality is ours. Over a lakh of people from India taking up their medical course at the Philippines.

MBBS College Admission


Understanding the purpose and their needs is the first step in career counseling; in such cases, we conduct a personal interview to provide the necessary guidance to choose their career path in accordance with their goal and passion.

Aiding in Admission

Our professionals and guides help you fill out the admission form, which contains new updates and criteria, and also aid in following the status of your application and admission procedures.

Visa Arrangements

Once your admission process has been completed, we help you navigate the complicated process called "Visa Assistance." We make it easy with our Visa Counseling services. Visa processing and arrangements are critical for students to embark on their successful journey.

Financial Guidance

Many students think that studying MBBS abroad might cost them a lot, but we are here to tap the financial resources available for you at your desired universities. With the help of financial counsellors and experts, we help students explore the various financial avenues available to them.

Pre-Departure Assistance

Special seminars and classes are conducted relating to international migration and how to take care of your health and belongings. We also inform students about their new life and the culture they should adopt in the Philippines, as well as the do's and don'ts of the university they are destined to attend.

Travel & Accommodation

All the basic formalities like ticketing, foreign exchange and self insurance would be taken care by our SmartMed Professionals, also we keep your parents informed about your growth and scope of their ward's development. Students are received by our SmartMed representatives at the Ariport