philippines for mbbs

philippines for mbbs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of studying abroad?

The costs of studying abroad will differ, depending on your country, course, lifestyle, etc. For a rough guide, you can check out the following information given for each country to have an estimate of the expenses you may incur in each country.

What scholarships am I eligible for?

Scholarships for an individual might differ based on their educational preferences and marks secured by them. It also differs with institutions than an individual selected.

Can a Student come home during holidays?

Vacation period is typically 6- 8 weeks in summer. During this time, interested students can come back to India.

Who will provide guidance Travel after admission?

 All the basic formalities like ticketing, foreign exchange and self insurance would be taken care by our SmartMed Professionals, also we keep your parents informed about your growth and scope of their ward's development.

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